First Phase Datacomm provides testing and certification of cabling systems to determine if the quality of installation, components and materials will meet required specifications and guidelines that guarantee network performance. To ensure performance capacity, all cables are tested and provided with a manufacturer’s cabling system written warranty indicating that the system will support most applications when verified to the standard. Our technicians are trained and certified with Fluke’s fiber and copper network testers. Each installation team has the latest version of FLUKE copper testers that provide channel and link testing. Our fiber technicians can provide fusion splicing, hot melt or crimp type terminations and testing using the latest OTDRs and fusion splicers available.

As a certified vendor for several manufacturers, we can offer their warranty. Warranties offer coverage for components, performance, applications and systems. A performance warranty guarantees the performance of the cable plant after it has been installed and tested. The applications assurance basically states that any applications that are designed to operate over the cabling system will be supported for the life of the system warranty.

A warranty may include product, applications, performance and labor. We will recommend and can provide a warranty with a suitable period of coverage