Network Rack Cleanup
A messy Telco room is a huge liability to your business; poorly routed wires make the job 10 times harder, not to mention that you are exposing your infrastructure to unwanted risk such as decrease airflow and performance in your IT Closet, improper hardware management, risk of hardware overheating. We can help you make adjustments to your network cable management so it can have a cleaner and more-efficient look. With our Network Clean-Up Service, you can have our experts assess your current layout. Once this is done, we can map out a straightforward concept to reorganize your networking layout to obtain a “neater” finish. Then, we take care of the wiring mess in order to ensure that your network closet now looks like it went through an entire makeover:
  •  Initial site and network configuration survey
  • Deployment of suitable cable management system
  • Define wiring color coding
  • Label and Tag new wiring
  • New fiber and copper patch cords installation
  • Testing, certification and documentation of your IT infrastructure